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2023 AlaMATYC Conference - Make Waves - Coastal Alabama Community College


2022 AlaMATYC Conference - Music & Math - Northwest-Shoals Community College

Michael Peterson - AlaMATYC Keynote :

Alicia Lynne Turner - Round Table Discussion on Online Exams in the Math Classroom:


Megan Landrum - "ILA: Building Relationships, Increase Success"


Leigh Jacka (ALEKS) and Valerie Cox - "Your Course Your Way"

Katrice Taylor (Lumen) - "Lumen's Online Homework Manager"

Nanette Easterling - "Adding Creativity in MTH 113!"


Ed Yielding - "Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird"

Colton Cardinal (Pearson) - Pearson's Visual and Conceptual Understanding for College Algebra, Precalculus, and Calculus"

2018 Conference Program - Bevill State Community College
       Eddie Pigg - College Readiness Task force
       Pam Snow - Adaptive Learning for Co-Requisite and Developmental Math Models
       Ronnie Merritt - Using AlaMATYC as a model to create a parallel conference for Computer-science related disciplines
       Annette Cook - Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing
       Ashlyn Newsome - Individualized Assessment & Academic Mindset Development for Higher Retention
       Caterina Lazzaroni - MyMathLab Options for Co-Requisite/Pathways Math Courses
       Dana Einfeld - Formative Assessments for Mathematics
       Sandee House - Online Developmental Math: Pros and Cons
       Loretta Westry - Study of African American Women STEM Major's Lived Experiences in the Community College
       Evers_Winkles_Taylor_Green - Math Tournament and Math Teams
       Valerie Cox - An Overview of ALEKS
       Mary Johnson - Lunch and Learns: Supporting Student Learning Outside of the Classroom
       Liz Philpot - The Mathematics of Renewable Energy
2017 Conference Program - Southern Union State Community College
          Dana Einfeld- The essential Tech Toolbox for Mathematics Courses
          Annette Cook- ...And More
          Dutchess Jones- Project-based Learning: Introducing Soft Skills in Elementary Statistics
          Caterina Lazzaroni and Ashleigh Newman- Get the Most of MyMathLab    
          Kristy Mann- Math Practice Standards: More than Just Mathematics Content  
          Carol Gudauskas- The Mathematics of PreCalculus

2016 Conference Program - Shelton State Community College

2015 Conference Program - Faulkner State Community College

2014 Conference Program - Lawson State Community College

2013 Conference Program - Southern Union State Community College

2012 Conference - Athens State Community College

2011 Conference - Lawson State Community College

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